Tiny Ghost Sonja where're you going with that baby in your arms? I see your thoughts on suicide, I see your thoughts on harm Sonja what're you doing lay your baby by the road The crying it won't ever stop, the blanket won't stop the cold I'm sinking down deeper now, slip through the drain of this cell Its not for my escaping but for sorrow that I'm so small My thoughts go back I hear the cars drive by, I hear them through the bars outside I swear the wind it whispered my name, I swear it mimicked a cry Never was she convicted cause, she never made it to her trial They found her in the Roane county jail where quietly she died Whether she ceased to eat or her sugar dropped 2, no one was too surprised Some they say they seen a tiny ghost down by the highway side I try to think you thought that I'd like Moses be found afloat You and I God's children left helpless beside of the road 1 This song was about the death of an infant in Roane County, TN. At the time, I was working as a social worker in the next county over and occasionally covered for the workers there. Because it involved a poor unattractive family, it never made national news. I could not actually find any articles as of 2014, though I admittedly can not recall the last name of the family. -Scott 2 ‘sugar’ is another name for diabetes in some parts of the U.S.
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