Bright Smile My coffee grows cold as I come back from My ten step trip to make the CD switch I could swear that a sip from my cup was gone And the rim of it was cold as ice Again I hear the hardwood floor With descending creaks like smallish feet Walk out and just like before They're all asleep except for me (With her) Her firefly eyes guarding me Her voice comes faint on a chill In the midnight moon through the trees Her bright smile haunts me still A single flower magnolia each night She leaves beside my bed. You see and In this way she broke me in time Now I can’t sleep, I only dream   In the southern summer’s tired heat I don’t so much mind the chill As the sunlight spills through the leaves Her bright smile haunts me still 1 1 The last line is from an old sailor song of the same name ‘Her bright smile haunts me still.’
Copyright American Sinner