Lilies Mother Mary 1 couldn’t keep her safe Not too kind to strangers in this place Sinful voices from in and outside Bluegrass looking black to her young eyes Blood brothers and sisters in a room Colley Hotel just to be alone This village here will drown us if we stay Get down to New Orleans come what may Like six little birds and they set out just to fly Flew into glass pure and see through to the eye We only know for sure that a gun shot went off And four lilies were picked and they were lying in a cross At a rest stop near to Greenville , TN Met a family there preaching of god’s peace We’ll get a whole lot farther in their van Forced them down the road with gun in hand No one knows what if any plans were made Drove them to Pane hollow down a ways Four Witnesses lying in the road Six friends flying on to Mexico 1 Most of the references in this song makes sense if you read up on the Lillelid murders c 1997. One of the killers, Natasha Cornett's mother was named Madonna. Madonna, prior to the 1980s, was a term from old Italian meaning 'my lady' which often referred to depictions of the Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth of Christian fame. The fact of her mother's name may not come up in a quick summary of the murders, so with this note you will get the double entendre.
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