Big House Leaves fall down on the big house lawn Dungeon light shines through the cracks in the walls Men don't go where the sun don't shine We're living on top of the devil's fault line 1 Cat caught a mouse in the closet over there Something ain't right about the black bloody hair The boy in the corner, I still haven't met He's been talking all day but I ain't seen him yet 2 Pickles and crazy cat 3 go at it again Possums gotta leave cause they don't pay rent They’re making rock & roll in the dungeon and now The neighbor's blasting beach boys cause the party's too loud Standing by the road on the city side walk The neighbor's got a shotgun and a cinder block Don't you touch my flowers you'll get both of them barrels And if that don't learn ya my cinder block will Scarecrows looking at the city streets Not so much birds are tryin to eat our seeds but you Never know who or what's coming your way A mile from Magnolia just off Broadway 4 1 The 'big house' was a large 5 bedroom house that Scott and some friends (including former Blackgrass guitarist Kevin Walford) lived in at one time in Knoxville, TN. It had a very creepy unfinished basement wherein things like polio braces were found. 2 Kevin wrote this line as far as I remember, so I'd have to double check, but I always thought it had a double meaning of the haunted type things we experienced in the house (mostly later found to be possums in the walls) and the fact that a lot of random people would crash at the house all the time. 3 Mike B. had a cat with a proper name, but we all called it crazy cat because all it did was mew and walk in circles 90% of the time. He got mad when we called her that. 4 Was not a great neighborhood at the time. We did literally have scarecrows in the yard that Kevin had welded.
Copyright K. Walford & American Sinner