Three Kings The soda king 1 tore off his nose Under a watchful beholder's blue eye 2 The Thriller is gone, dangles over a ledge A lost boy 3 we'd hate to see fly ABCs 4 you learn with ease But get them down as a child Growing old in neverland 5 You'll find your self on trial Its not the snake oil But the Side Show freaks That cured your disease On seeing the Pastry King's ghost 6 The Prince baked too long until he Asked himself the wrong question and answered, “not to be” 7 As to why the stone king fell 8 From grace 9, the roots reveal no clue but pills are the devil with love to spare 10 He took his hand, took his whole life too 11 1 “King of Pop” i.e. Michael Jackson (MJ) 2 The Bluest Eye is a Toni Morrison book about a young African American woman who develops an inferiority complex about her eye and skin color. 3 Peter Pan’s friends were known as the Lost Boys, also around the same MJ’s Thriller album came out the movie “the Lost Boys” came out, like the Thriller video and the movie, and MJ’s later real life they all transformed into weird things. 4 :), “ABC as easy as 123. . . “ 5 The name of the land in Peter Pan where you never grow old, and MJ’s home. 6 Hamlet was the son of the king of Denmark, People from Denmark are referred to as “Danish” 7 “to be or not to be, that is the question.” – Wm. Shakespeare 8 “King of Rock & Roll” Rock syn. Stone 9 Elvis’s home is called Graceland 10 “I’m the devil with love to spare” – from Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas 11 “Take my hand, take my whole life too.” – from Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love
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