Temptation I seen your pumpkin smile. Soon the top will fall in from the heat And the blood will run down through1 those razor sharp trick or treats You see the clouds in our eyes think we're dazed. Well it’s more like a calm yeah, a prophecy of storm And when the blood runs down you will have been forewarned I see your slow starvation ways. My temptation to turn you inside out Expose your Lincoln log jam bones as the blood runs down I seen your shape shifting ways. You go on and anoint yourself now The devil in the lamb's clothes as the blood runs down With the lead in our veins. Colosseum shadows on the schools in decay And when the blood runs down those (g)Nats2 buzz away You say let them eat cake. My temptation to toss you in bound I say let them eat pork as the blood runs down 1 This song references a scene in Garcia Marquez’s novel 100 Years of Solitude where José Arcadio kills himself, the blood runs from his head, across town, to his mother's feet. 2 Short for the Washington Nationals. A sports team. The song is in part about eminent domain actions in the early 2000s in Washington, D.C. Copyright American Sinner