Peter P. Pumpkineater Lord this is Peter 1 I know its been a while, But I fear something horrid Has been done to my wife Sure I suspected something When them boys laughed at the saloon When I said I got to go now My wife will be missing me soon But never did I think There was any real danger in sight, If I had I'd’ve stayed home more Making sure she was all right. But I haven't seen her in days I think that she went away But I'm afraid she's been stole away, Lord please let me know that she's safe I had this terrible dream, it all went red before black And the garden I once loved is rotting in the sun, Only you know why, I can't go near that pumpkin patch. I know I must sound unhinged but I had that feeling again I feel like the garden its grown eyes Like them roots and vines are alive As if I were to get too close they'd reach around and grab ahold of me Pull me down to their world With their sharpened fingernail thorns  
Copyright American Sinner
1 “Peter, Peter pumpkin eater, Had a wife but couldn't keep her He put her in a pumpkin shell, And there he kept her very well.” Take care what you teach your kids. Aside from contortionists, most women do not fit in a pumpkin. Inappropriate kids’ rhyme.