Lazarus (traditional/S. Sinner) Dives1 he called to the sheriff man, one Lazarus lying out my window He's a dangerous man. You know they're all dangerous men Sheriff called to the deputy, he said go out and bring me Lazarus Bring him dead or alive. Bring him dead or alive Deputy he found Lazarus lying outside Dives' window With dogs at his side to lick his sores only dogs at his side Deputy called to Lazarus, he reach out to call them dogs off With a .45. He pulled that .45 Go out and bring me Lazarus 1 'Dives' is often spoken of in churches as if it is a name, but actually is just an archaic term meaning 'Rich Man.' 2 See generally, Luke 16:19–31 & an old work song 'Poor Lazarus'
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