Hope The day came on like it was any other day Radio carried a song while you and I we got dressed I know we fought some yet I thought it turned out okay Five years and no regrets except for the day I left You turned me on to a world a different life You turned me into I guess a better man what grass broke the camel's back what needle sewed shut the eye Last words you said to me cold blaming the world out there You put me down so I don't want to be picked up again You put me down so easily... We used to be like two conjoined peas in pods Seems to me at times you needed me as much Held your words like Biblical therein lies the cause We like umbilical cut my faith and hope and trust 1
Copyright American Sinner
1 This might seem a bit Oedipal here if you were, as it seems from a number of conversations I've had, thinking this song was about the breakup of a romantic relationship. Song was actually written about a disrupted adoption. The teen adoptee was in fact named Hope.