Center of the World I haven't slept in days And my stomach feels like a shrunken head controlling me I can barely see These cloud veiled stars only left to light my way And when I wake I'll have even less idea just where I am But that's the plan Not going anywhere at all. The only place I'm going is away Creeping1 away from the center of the world Cause I can't stay and watch it all implode You can say what you want about the fight or flight I tried but my blood has boiled close to boiling dry As for that Jesus He will forgive you I'm sure as that is his way And I will someday When these clouds of steam have washed out my eyes But its not wise Not right now for me to stay So I'll fade away, I'll slip away. Its the only way I'm sure we'll be safe
1 Original lyric was 'Slipping away' I messed that up when recording it. -Scott
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