American Sinner is a heavily-greased musical machine. A rock n' roll stiletto switchblade dance along the edge of a knife that opens up for stabbing. They are not your run-of-the-mill musical tricksters in harlequin unitards holding bouquets of flowers behind their backs. No!...they got it all. They ooze manliness like Bowie and femininity like Tina Turner. They have big ideas like Aerosmith and they have the staying power of Leif Blower and his Golden Gondoliers. They got it all plus the toys to make the noise so when these boys are randy to rock, you better let 'em. American Sinner is here to play and the dices are rolling up and down that big wheel and these jokers are coming up deuces! The question is where will the chips fall? Yeah. Others have said: "American Sinner has been labeled as "gothic americana", "gothic folk", "gulag rock", [but] It’s difficult to distinctly define American Sinner. They're just too much country to be labeled rock and too much rock to be labeled country." “Spectral figures of the hunted and the haunted, the doomed and the damned, wend their way through the stark lyrical landscape of D.C.-based folk-noir quartet, American Sinner. A rock 'n' roll band of an alternate reality, American Sinner frames these tales of weal and woe within its rare instrumentation of accordion, violin, drums and upright bass.” -Artomatic “What the fuck, is this funeral music?” - Fratty at Velvet Lounge American Sinner is also: Nic Lavalier (ovens, basses, flower arrangements, bone collector.) Plug ‘Ug’ Lee (drums, backing vocals, trouble, gambling. Scott Sinner (guitars, keys, lead vocals, banjo, accordion) Scott was formerly in Blackgrass ( He can see music, apparently. And dead people... w/ Prince Michael (drums, percussion, keys). Krissy Downing (violins, back up vocals). Krissy is renowned painter.